The best new vibrator and massager to buy online in 2019

Vibrator and massager technology has been given a revamp in 2019. At the WOMANDI Online Sex Shop you find the best vibrators and massagers for the experienced and newbies Sex Toy Lover.

What are the best Sex Toys to buy in 2019?

Putting the Adult in High Quality Sex Toy!
At the new WOMANDI Adult Store we offer only Sex Toys, Dildos, Vibrators and Magic Wand Massager that you have ever seen in an ordinary Sex-Shop before.

We are pleased to present you the New SVIBBLE® Stone Pine Wodd Massager/Vibrator Collection 2019

Super-Smooth! USB-Rechargeable! Waterproof! Hypoallergenic! Remote Controlled! This Vibrator is amazing!!!

Tester says:If I was going to be bought a toy by a partner, this is the sort of thing I would want to receive! I fell in love as soon as I saw the packaging. It looked like an high quality bottle of wine or perfume. It was ready to be used right away. And I had a lot of fun trying it out! With this Vibrator you will reach fast an explosive climax. The wood surface of tjis Swiss Stone Pine Vibrator feels so good! And its easy to clean. It felt luxurious in my hand as I excitedly prepared to use it, unlike many toys on the market which can look cheap and almost like a joke in their pink packaging and tacky designs. The toy came with a small bag, which is perfect for travel, discreet and easily storable. The boxing itself was stylish too. In my opinion The World’s Best Vibrator.

vibrators & massagersmade ofswiss stone pine

Find the Best Vibrator Massager Sex Toy to buy Online in 2019 on WOMANDI

We offer all the New Sex Toys by SVIBBLE® that are innovative and sexy to use. Find USB-Rechargeable Wood Vibrators with extremely powerful motors that give you multiple Climax. The new SVIBBLE® wood vibrators are considered by many to be Top Trending Sex Toys in 2019. We have Special Offers for the new very beloved SVIBBLE® SMOOTH Vibrator Collection from fine South Tyrolean Swiss Stone Pine

SVIBBLE® SMOOTH The New High End Sex Toys - Unique and Sexy

The perfect Sex Toys for Mind-Blowing Orgasms! SVIBBLE®'s New Sex Toys will not only get you an orgasm, they'll get you the best orgasm You ever had. This Sex toy is big at 9 inches long, but it's still quiet and operates on a few different modes so you can make sure you get the best orgasm possible.

swiss stone pinevibrators&massagers

We are very pleased to introduce you to SVIBBLE®’s new collection of smooth Vibrators created from Swiss Stone Pine.

Handmade Design Woman Vibrator Precious Wood Swiss Stone Pine Massager Sex Toys
Swiss Stone Pine

Stone Pine

The Queen Of The Alps

The Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra) grows in the harsh weather conditions of the Alpine areas from 1200m (3900ft) up to 2300m (7500ft) above sea level. Her wood is known for its bio-active powers drawn from flavonoids and has excellent anti-bacterial effects. Our Swiss Stone Pine wood was harvested in 2017 in San Giovanni / Valle Aurina at 1800m (5900ft) above sea level.


new vibrator


The Super-Smooth Design Vibrator
made of fine Swiss Stone Pine
Wood Design Vibrator Woman Massager Made In Italy Butt Plug

The Favourite Wood Vibrator/Sex Toy 2019

SVIBBLE® Wooden Vibrators are so divine. This is real a High Quality Vibrator. The Wooden Surface of Swiss Stone Pine fells delicate and luxirious. And is perfect Body Friendly. With a Super-Smooth Finish and a feminine Design. This Vibrator allows for Clitoral and G-Spot stimulations. You are spoilt with the choice of this Waterproof Wood Vibrator having 10 Vibration nad Pulsation modes, ready to use for two hours after a quick and easy charge up with the magnetic USB-Charging Cable.

This Wood Vibrator give You multiple Orgasms!

This vibrator is easy to get to grips with and is big fun! And this Wood Vibrator is in a pretty design with a High End Finish. This is a stronger and tougher sex toy that you can really go to town with. The Wooden Swiss Stone Pine Vibrator by SVIBBLE® gives You multiple choices of pleasure. There are seven pulsating patterns, with three speed options. Comes with a discreet and stylish drawstring pouch for stowing away. It is so easy to operate with the one push button. This toy gives amazing results! Buy the Wooden Design Vibrator BUCCI.SMT now and get 15% off by signing up to our newsletter.

feel more and more pleasure that will become
waves of multiple orgasms

feel the mighty power of the swiss stone pine


the new Deluxe Vibrators for Women

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